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Hair Dreams Glasgow is the ultimate place to achieve your hair fantasies, whatever your hair texture.

HairDreams is a natural hair design salon that uses traditional African hair care methods to improve your hair’s overall health and appearance, regardless of hair type. We cater to everyone, but we are unique in identifying just how fragile relaxed afro hair is. Using our proven systems, we can recover it until it is stronger than before, and grow fine, damaged hair from 4 inches to 20 inches in just a few years! Women with all hair textures can radically improve their hair and finally grow to love it. We have a number of testimonies from delighted customers, showing that we genuinely can make you hair dreams come true.

As African people, we have the most beautiful and diverse range of hair textures, but impossible beauty standards can make it difficult to love our uniqueness. Not only that, but the lack of quality black hair products, treatment, and knowledge can lead us to neglect our hair health out of frustration or just lack of time. HairDreams celebrates our African heritage and creativity by keeping the valuable art forms of braiding and weaving within the community and towards anyone who enjoys this art-form and culture. The term 'hairdressing’ doesn't communicate the complexities and hard work involved in the process; at HairDreams we call it ‘hair design’.

Historically, we have been generous with sharing our hair secrets and techniques with other cultures, but we are rarely met with the same energy when we don't get the credit for what we do. So, we want to protect hair design and uplift our services by offering people of Scotland the chance to be certified, experienced and educated on how to produce a reliable hair service that is constant as well as provide a fulfilling career option for people with this desire and talent!

We teach you valuable ways to become self-sufficient in caring for hair, pushing your skills,
saving you time, and expanding your creativity. At the same time, we provide all of our customers a space to relax, unwind, and experience the pampering you truly deserve!


Treat yourself or your daughter to a HairDreams transformation, today.



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“Ivy has been taking care of my hair ever since I moved to Glasgow. She's very professional, gentle and makes sure to meet your needs and have you leave her salon happy of the result. I highly recommend her.”

— Rim

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