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great courses available today!

Bring your passion!

No experience is needed, just big dreams! Learn intricate braides, twists, and locks that empower and inspire! 

Eligibility requirements: Long-term unemployed, refugees or asylum seekers, low-income households with a total income below £16k per year.


At Hair Dreams Glasgow, we understand the importance
of proper education regarding handling afro and curly hair.
Our Afro Hair Braiding Practice Class is designed to give
students the knowledge and confidence they need to master
the art of braiding and styling afro and curly hair.

The course is taught by experienced professional stylists and
braiders with years of industry experience. The classes are very
hands-on and interactive, allowing students to practice stylish hair
techniques and develop knowledge.

The course begins with an introduction to afro and curly hair, which is followed by a comprehensive overview of the different braiding techniques, with lessons focusing on techniques such as pick-and-drop braids and Senegalese twists.

Each student will be committed to 16 hours of training every week for 12 weeks. This will be split up into 3 hours of classroom learning, 6 hours of on-the-floor salon training, and 7 hours of at-home study per week.

In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Afro-hair, including both its concepts and techniques. You will also learn fundamental maintenance and protection techniques and the best products and modern hairdressing skills necessary to effectively shampoo, condition, treat, trim, blow-dry, and style Afro hair. Finally, you will develop an appreciation of the various coils and textures of Afro hair and the ways to work with them for the best results.


Our next course kicks off on February 20th. Spaces are limited, sign up today to secure your spot!


Are you eager to enhance your skills and make an impact in the community? We invite you to attend our upcoming information day, where you'll discover how to access a free volunteer training programme and have the opportunity to be introduced to our community groups. The training is tailored for unemployed individuals, seeking volunteer opportunities with our social enterprise and must have the right to work in the UK.

By participating in the training you'll not only contribute to uplifting the community but also acquire valuable skills, such as protective styling in high demand within our community. Seize this opportunity to elevate your skills, explore new career possibilities, and embark on exciting new career paths.

Sign up today to join our taster session webinar on February 16th at 12 pm to learn more about the transformative volunteer training awaiting you! 

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