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Afro Hair Training Salon Glasgow

At Hair Dreams Glasgow, we understand the importance of proper education regarding handling afro and curly hair. Our Afro Hair Braiding Course is designed to give students the knowledge and confidence they need to master the art of braiding and styling afro and curly hair.

The course is taught by experienced professional stylists and braiders with years of industry experience. The classes are very hands-on and interactive, allowing students to practice stylish hair techniques and develop knowledge.

The course begins with an introduction to afro and curly hair, which is followed by a comprehensive overview of the different braiding techniques, with lessons focusing on techniques such as pick-and-drop braids and Senegalese twists.

The course also covers the basics of afro hair care, including advice on the best products to use and how to protect the hair from damage. Students will learn how to manage and style afro and curly hair and techniques for maintaining their styles.

In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Afro-hair, including both its concepts and techniques. You will also learn the fundamental and modern hairdressing skills necessary to effectively shampoo, condition, treat, trim, blow-dry, and style Afro hair. Finally, you will develop an appreciation of the various coils and textures of Afro hair and the ways to work with them for the best results.

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THE BEGInNER's braiding course...

This course is packed with information to allow you to perfect your braiding skills!


With fundamental training from experienced industry professionals, we also provide a take-home kit for you to continue learning and practicing your new skills in braiding! This course is perfect for not only hairdressers, but also parents looking to manage their family’s hair. Students will receive a formal certificate upon completion.

  • The course covers...

  • Day 1: Natural Cornrows

  • Cornrows - add extensions


  • Day 2: Natural Single Braids

  • Single braids - add extensions

  • Day 3:

  • Preparing braiding extensions

  • Box Braiding


  • Day 4: Theory of Hair Business and other skills.

  • How to section the scalp properly to create different styles

  • A detailed explanation of products and suitability of hair types and styles.

  • Know different hair types and how to care for them. 

You will be given a detailed explanation of a range of products, suitability of hair types and styles!

As well as providing a list of reputable product suppliers, each course member will receive their own kit, as well as access to online tutorials, and the chance to build on your skills by working in the salon to boost your confidence further, having support to guide you through the business of hair! Available over 12 weeks to become advanced!

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at hair dreams glasgow...

Our courses offer comprehensive training in lace front wig styling, Afro-textured hair management, product knowledge, and fundamental styling techniques. You'll get the opportunity to learn from guest lecturers and industry experts, gaining in-depth knowledge of plaiting, twisting, cornrowing, and hair braiding in Glasgow. These skills will help you create stunning and sophisticated looks and control curl patterns. 

Upon completion of the program, individuals will possess the ability to style real hair lace wigs into iconic historical hairstyles and be proficient in working with all types of hair textures. Additionally, the program will provide valuable and in-demand skills, as well as cultivate the confidence necessary to achieve exceptional results.

Across our courses you will be able to work with your own personal professional kit, which includes top quality tools, essential for your new skill...

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  • Your Training Handbook

  • Links to Online Training

  • 100% Human Hair Head and Clamp

  • Hair & Tools to Perform All Chosen Methods of Extension

  • Razor and Scissors

  • Sectioning Clips

  • Pin Tail Comb

  • Consultation Form Template

  • Aftercare Form Template

  • Immediate Access to Hair Extension Supplier

  • CPD Certified Certificates (online training)

  • Guaranteed Insurance

 (insurance for your business: Westminster Indemnity.)

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