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Services & Treatments


One of our friendly expert stylists will chat to you to determine desired length, colour, and overall price (price will depend on the stylist’s experience). At this point your hair extensions, which will act as your deposit, will be ordered and paid for. This will ensure that they arrive in good time for your installation appointment.

We have come up with options to help to keep our costs affordable for members of the community at all the different stages that you might find yourself financially. Book yourself a consultation to find out more.


Firstly, if your natural hair needs to be coloured to blend in with your extensions, we will apply this, as discussed in your consultation day (please check out Colour Services for more details). On the day we will also do any custom colouring of your extensions. Then the real fun can begin!

We measure the extensions to your head to see how many rows will be needed, and where the tracks will be placed. Then we cornrow your hair and sew the tracks onto these cornrows. This creates a natural-looking, comfortable style that protects your hair from any damage, unlike any other extensions method. The extensions are lightweight and completely transformative - you will finally have the length you’ve always wanted!

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