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Whether its looking after hair professionally, or simply learning to manage your child's, your siblings, or your friend's afro hair, we're sure you'll fit in to one of our community groups! 

At HDG, we understand that for those with afro hair, having our hair done is an integral part of our culture that may seem the first thing to go when we're under pressure, but don't allow pressure to knock you off your stride! Our community clubs will help you get ahead of the curve by being surrounded by likeminded people, here to support you! 

You'll be welcomed to our community clubs with opened arms, and feel relaxed, make new friends all while learning how to make the most out of your hair! 

Braidy Gang


Join other 16-25 year olds with Afro hair just like yours and style each other's hair, share experiences and make friends. This is a safe space for girls with different hair types to find out about all things hair, as well as sharing your diverse stories and talents. If you want to look good, feel good, and chill out with your pals, this is the place for you!

Parent & Child


Turn kids hairstyling from a long frustrating weekend to fun time to spend together!

This gathering is the perfect place for parents and caretakers to learn how to manage their kid's afro hair, where you can learn to style, maintain, and improve your child’s hair while they meet kids from different backgrounds. It’s so important to lift up our children’s natural beauty and give them confidence, especially in a world which does the opposite.


 Also there is a play park across the road for the kids to play with their new friends afterwards. Mums and dads are welcome!



Relax, regroup and refresh your hairstyle with like-minded ladies.

If you’re unable to redo your hair often, come and join this group where you can maintain each other’s protective styles, get expert haircare tips, and feel a sense of sisterhood. The aim is to reach and teach each other. Let’s come together and see what we can do for our community whilst getting our hair done and having fun

What do
community groups


Each group will feature:

  • Fundamental haircare methods

  • A team of experts and specialists who can confidently advise all members

  • A safe and professional space to boost confidence and self esteem for everyone

  • Lessons in hair history, proper hairstyle removal, proper maintenance, quick protective styles and other hair issues

  • Refreshments

We would love if every member could...

  • Contribute with their own creativity, ideas and knowledge

  • Show up regularly and get to know everybody

  • Treat everyone with respect and love

  • Follow community rules.

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