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Scotland's most unique specialist training salon.


HairDreams Glasgow CIC is a Social Enterprise focused on Training, Natural Hair care and Community. We use targeted treatments, quality products and specialised knowledge to protect, preserve and enhance your natural hair! 

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More than a salon...

If you love and celebrate black culture,

then come join us…


You are invited to join one of our unique, one of a kind Community Groups, a place where you can meet up in the salon once a month to receive access to professional hair products and styling tools, and learn the skills and techniques needed to maintain and care for your afro textured hair! 

Based in the heart of Glasgow’s Finnieston area, Hairdreams Glasgow   launched in September of 2020, offering Afrocentric hair solutions, training, and floor experience as well as community groups for those passionate about styling and learning all there is to know about beautiful afro hair!

Hairdreams is more than just haircare, it allows us to connect with other passionate people and not feel alone all while being comfortable and relaxed within the salon environment! 

We understand that it is fundamental for people with afro hair to have access to the right care in a specialist environment, with skilled stylists.

We are looking to train the next generation of stylists, who will have a deep understanding of Afro hair protective styling! 


Treat yourself!

See our price list for all of our products and services.

It's time to start your HairDreams training journey!


Join one of our community groups to find out more about taking care of your hair with communal love and support from others!

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