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Advanced Afro Hair Braiding

Advanced Afro Hair Braiding

It's time to explore the world of braiding and understand the skills and details required to master the techniques. By creating new shapes, trying out different patterns, and you will also learn in-depth knowledge of the current trend.


It's time to navigate the art of braiding and hair design! Recognise the skills and details required to master techniques for impressive results. 


The course Curriculum includes:


  • Visual Demontrations of Various Braiding Techniques 
  • Immersive Practical Work with Long Haired Mannequins
  • Admission to Online Training Materials
  • Analyse Anatomy of the Hair and Scalp
  • Learn to Perfect Sectioning
  • Refine Skills in Box Braiding
  • Develop Feed-in Strand and Knotless Braid Skills
  • Understanding Best Practice Aftercare
  • Observe Business Start Up Advice
  • Recognise How To Price Your Services
  • Practice Product Knowledge 
  • Understand Best Practice in Health and safety 
  • Guarantee Understanding of Legislation and Regulations 
  • Providing Client Consultations
  • Analyse Influencing Factors 
  • How To Correctly Sterilise Working Tools 
  • Contrainidcation and infestation Management
  • Best practice to prevent cross infection 
  • Personal Hygiene Standards & Personal Presentation


Implementing these practices are fundamental in obtaining insurance. 

  • All payments are non-refundable & non-transferrabl


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