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COSMOS is a straight ponytail available in 24" (original) or 30" (new, long).


Made from 100% high quality tongable synthetic hair and a soft net cap. The hair is tongable up to 200'C which helps maintain styles better and keeps curls for longer. The cap is specially designed using soft material and elastic tapes to allow comfort and ventilation. The drawstring adjusts the size of the cap for a secure fitting ponytail. This ponytail is two styles in one, so the ponytail can be reversed to changed for another look.


Ponytails are an essential accessory, as seen on the Chanel and Gucci catwalks. They are fantastic for changing a style in seconds whatever the occasion. Celebrities love them! HairDreams Glasgow sell the new range of EASY ponytails that come with a drawstring or grip clip fastenings, in 100 percent human or synthetic hair. You can wear your pony long, short or curly. Styling has never been so much fun or so Easy.    

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