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Why should you get a professional colour?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Other than a drastic haircut nothing is more transformative than getting a new hair colour.

Hair dye used to be the stuff of covering up grey hairs but thanks to changing attitudes and improving formulations hair can now be rainbow coloured. With so many box colours out there, you may be tempted to just buy one and transform your mane from Black to red but wait a minute, why is your hair still black? After all the box promised you did not need to bleach your hair.

Colouring the hair is a process, obviously going from light to dark is easier but results from a d-i-y at home are not exactly guaranteed nor will they be consistent. Colouring is a specialist technique and not all Hairdressers will specialise in it. Just ask if your stylist can carry out colour services first.

Most salons will have a colourist specialising in carrying out colour services in a way that preserves your hairs integrity. Have you seen people with oddly tinged hair that looks like straw? They clearly thought it was as simple as dumping hair dye on their tresses and hoping for the best!

Bleaching and colouring does cause a degree of damage to the strands. A trained colourist is a good investment as they know HOW to minimise this and will use products to nourish your hair throughout the process.

At HairDreams we care about our clients hair and want to keep it as healthy as possible because your hair is our passion. We begin your colour process with a consultation, a patch test and a full discussion of what is achievable based on your hairs current health.

We hope to see you in the salon soon for a colour consultation so that you can live

your best life and have that dream hair!

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